Welcome to Making Movement Matter

What role does movement play in your everyday life?

♫ Every breath you take, every move you make…♫

If you are like me, I didn’t truly connect the dots.

I took movement for granted. “I can do ANYTHING with my body”- Period.

In reality the body will do EXACTLY what you program it to do. It twists, bends, shifts & tilts, moulding and shaping its way through YOUR CHOSEN everyday movements. Your 30min/day or 1hr/day exercise regime has little impact on your overall health if you are immobile the rest of the day. Making Movement Matter 24/7 is the critical factor. What does this mean?

Put your movement under a microscope:

My hours spent sitting? [i.e. meals, transportation/driving, work/school, meetings, television, reading, relaxing]

My position/alignment while sitting?

How much do I walk/day? How do I walk?

What shoes do I wear?

How do I move within my activity or sport?

How much do I move, in general, daily?

Your health and longevity, as well as your pursuit of excellence in any endeavour you choose, is directly affected by your every day movements. It is not only the time spent moving (or lack thereof), it is also how you move. These blogs will explore the relationship of movement and wellbeing in every sense.

The next time you have body complaints (fatigue, aches, pains, injury, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, etc.), first ask yourself “What am I doing on a daily basis that could cause issues with my tissues?”; because, it is ALL about Making Movement Matter.

This blog will also explore exercise physiology, sport psychology, nutrition and overall health related topics. Please join me in the mission of ‘Making Movement Matter’ to you and your community. 



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