Unduck Your FEET

Most people duck their feet.

Why? Because a huge part of the population sits, exercises, moves and/or holds themselves in positions that externally rotate their lower leg bones (tibia and fibula). Yes, bones move just like every other living thing in the body. And wearing shoes! Well, people rigidify the mucles/connective tissue, joints, ligaments (anything LIVING) within the foot. The inability for people to use their feet properly is exactly the reason why many of them have foot/ankle/hip/muscle tears/knee/back problems in the first place.

How often do you duck your feet? For me personally, I am much better than I was before… but I notice it when I do a full squat (my feet creep out), when I am tired, when I sit down in a horrible posture and don’t pay attention to any of my body, when my legs are up in the air (while I’m lying on the ground). How about you?

I’m talking about the feet; at the same time, it can be mentioned about any part of the body… We develop as humans exactly how we carry ourselves and move ourselves. People complain about certain parts of the body as they age and blame it directly on age… however, it has nothing to do with age. Your body adapts perfectly to the exact body you ask it to be.

Today, take note of how you “use” your body throughout the day. It’s not easy. How about- how do you eat? How do you drive? How do you walk? How do you talk on the phone? Think about some easy things… and see if you might want to “modify” your use of the body. You only have it once 🙂