Top 5 Tips: Back to School for Kids

TIP #1: Foot health is essential for a strong foundation

Foot Health for Kids means their feet need to do the work, not the shoes. Get flat shoes, wide toe box and flexible soles with little cushion. It’s all about building a strong and healthy foundation in their feet which enable whole body health.


TIP #2: Allow your kids to Monkey Around!

Grip strength, the ability to hang, brachiate and climb are all crucial factors in growth and development.
Enjoy hanging out in trees as a family.


TIP #3: Be outside in Nature!

Nothing beats the outdoors (summer, fall, winter, spring) rain or shine, snow or hail! Just a little time in nature every week will help!


TIP #4: Walking to and from school


Walking is the best whole body natural movement for kids that can be incorporated into their day before and after school. Getting kids to enjoy walking absolutely helps with their lifelong health.


TIP #5: Jaw health equates to whole body health

If possible incorporate hard foods (not too hard of course) in your kids daily lunches in order to have strong and healthy development within the face/head/neck but also the diaphragm and core network. How your child uses the jaw in school will determine breath mechanics. No matter what they decide to do latter in life breathing will be a part of it.


All of these tips are grounded in research. It’s just done in a fun and positive way! 🙂