The moulding of our body

Don’t be manipulated by what you see
We are blinded by our roots and beliefs culturally
A chair is a ‘chair’ only if you want it to be
Let it go and let yourself be free


Offices, restaurant, waiting rooms & meals,
Coffee catch-ups, play dates and reels,
Trains, planes and automobiles
Let me tell you something: It has nothing to do with the way that chair feels

It weight, and waits, us down
After hours of sitting we stand up like a clown
Feet turned out, knees and pelvis all bent
It’s no wonder our bodies start to cement

We blame our genetics, our age or our sport
“It’s certainly not me” is the common retort
No self-responsibility for 24/7 actions are taken
You say “It is absolutely not my fault, you are mistaken”


The loads we place on ourselves do take their toll
We tend to segment bodies instead of looking at them whole
Casting our bodies with history, credence, food, furniture, clothes and shoes
Expecting no repercussions in the moment by moment habits we choose

Our healthy muscles, essential for the bipedal animal
Become adaptively shortened or lengthened, leaving us completely unstable
The daily positions we do dwell, tells our trillions of cells to basically go to hell
Muscle length discrepancies, aches, pains & injuries are what we enable

And that’s not it! Soon to come will be diseases of mechanotransduction*:
Like cardiac hypertrophy, atherosclerosis and protein mutation,
Arthritis, cancer, stenosis*, fibrosis* and necrosis*,
Increased fat deposits, adding on to your hyperkyphosis*.

And let’s not forget, globalization has taken the throne* by storm
Leaving peoples butts, pelvic floors and rectal health out of the norm
We have completely forgotten about our human body’s need for the squat
Now when we are asked to crouch down we all lose the plot!


It is immobility that causes most of our wear and tear
No one is immune to the chair
It is prolific in our world, everywhere
The takeaway today is ‘just be more aware’

If you have issues with your tissues, I urge you to do this:
Start loving your feet to regain full body bliss
Take a dynamic stance towards that ‘chair’
See through the myths and take ownership of your self-care.

Healthy Feet

Take movement bites throughout the day
Go outside and enjoy each and every sun ray
Move to live, and live to move
You’ve got one body, so get on your groove






All the *s

Mechanotransduction: how cells sense and respond to mechanical stimuli (i.e. every move you make) from their environment and convert the information into biochemical signals which in turn leave a specific response at the cellular level. [How you move matters]

Stenosis: Abnormal narrowing of a passage in the body (i.e. arterial, nerve and spinal compression)

Fibrosis: Thickening and scarring of connective tissue [We tend to think we get this from life or sport injuries, we don’t think of our daily positions seriously impacting our connective tissue. BUT, they do!]

Necrosis: Premature death of cells [This happens way too often… most notably in the feet and spine. What you wear (shoes, orthotics, heels, etc) and how you sit and duration of sitting have consequences]

Hyperkyphosis: There is a normal curvature in the thoracic spine and it is kyphotic. However, us humans have overdone the sitting (and many other daily positions/movements) that have caused an abnormal increase in the kyphotic curve leaving us with more shoulder, back, neck, issues (and, many many more problems). 

Throne: I just mean all the ‘chaired’ looking toilets