Kristin is without a doubt one of the best coaches I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Her in depth knowledge of human physiology, training experience both as an athlete and coach and her motivational acumen are second to none. Moreover she has “crazy energy” that infuses itself in anyone who comes in contact with her. I trusted her with my daughter who always spoke enthusiastically of training with her.

~Dan Biocchi, Former Olympic, Commonwealth and National team member, Canadian Champion and Canadian Record holder.


I have had the privilege of attending several of Kristin’s workshops. They were eye openers as I gained a deeper sense of awareness with my body and how to move better. I also found her workshops to be very informative and fun. Kristin possesses incredible knowledge and understanding of functional anatomy, training and recovery that exceeds that of any other therapists and exercise physiologists with whom I have worked with. It is refreshing to experience her high levels of enthusiasm and “can do” spirit, coupled with the personal attention received in a class setting. I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse Kristin to work with anyone regardless of their age, levels of fitness or athletic ability.
~Ian Cheok

Thanks for the great workshop “Breathe In, Bliss Out”- these sessions are so good because my workload doesn’t let me commit to a weekly class. Doing a workshop once a month gives me the techniques I need to be able to do it at home, anytime. On top of that, the balls are light and easy to pack so they come with me when I travel and I can use them wherever I am. Can’t wait for next months’ workshop.      ~Di Graham

Training for triathlon was causing a lot of lower back and hip pain. I was told this is due to bad muscle loading from incorrect posture and movement. Kristin came along just at the right time and showed me how to correct a lot of things regarding basic movement as well as gave me a lot of exercises to build up the correct muscles. It has made a big difference to my ability to train without injury and some of the muscle release techniques just feel great, removing tension I had always assumed were normal.
~James Schokman

Kristin’s sessions are the best thing to unlock the tensions in all our bodies. Especially us whom partake in very strenuous taxing activities like Crossfit, kickboxing, karate, long hours at the desk. Her knowledge of the moving body will find a way to relieve the tensions so that we can actually achieve better results in our WODS! So if you desire to improve in your output get some input from this very talented lady!
~ Helen Grimes