Take a vacation from your problems!

Stressing your way to destruction?

Let’s say you are getting better at moving.

You have a greater understanding of your body.

You are eating healthy.

You “take care of yourself” movement based and nutrition based…. but, BUT

You still stress yourself out WAY TOO MUCH.


It doesn’t matter whether you have psychological, emotional, mental, or physical stress in your body, your cells will not know the difference. Eutress, distress, it’s ALL the same. It’s stress in your cells. Stress is stress. I am a ball-iever, a mover, and an advocate of the next position is the best position. AND AND AND no matter how gooood a mover you are, if you stress yourself out then your cells will keep on creating damage in the body at the micro level…. which can slowly, over the years manifest at the macro level.

If sometimes you are not able to move as much, or eat as healthy or do the things you want to do because of “Life circumstances”, it’s OKAY!!! For example: you need to work extra hours… and your office is set up by chair and desk (i.e. sitting all day long). You get upset, frustrated, mad, even irrate! This makes matters worse for the body. Trust me, I know! And I know you know too 🙂

Let’s be good to ourselves.

Nothing like a good ol’ look in the mirror and “SMILING”
It’s better than beating the shit out of yourself… wouldn’t you agree?
We are hardest on ourselves because it is so easy to be.
Our cultures teaches us so well.

Today, enjoy your day. Take a vacation from your “challenges” in life and just BE you.
Have you ever seen “What about Bob?” with Bill Murray, when Dr. Marvin prescribes Bob to:

Take a VACATION from your problems!

Yes, if you need a glass of wine or feel a chillin’ day is in order “Do it!”.
Enjoying life and have fun!!!!
Or if you need to yell profanities for one minute first-> a pillow or water work well 🙂

Have a wonderful, fabulous day, afternoon, night wherever you are in the world!!!!!