Simple Recovery Tips for Runners

Tip # 1: Have your bed closer to the ground


Runners are notoriously bad at getting into, getting out of, and ‘hanging out’ in a squat position. Why not give yourself that wonderful extra movement every single day for the rest of your life?! You might think, pfft- that’s nothing.

Up in morning, down at night, up to pee, down to sleep. You can add in naps. Either way at the very least you are squatting up and down 365 more times a year than you ever have! If you want to geek out, you can even measure the distance from your ass to the bed to see today how little range of motion you are using right now and slowly change over time.

We often think that our bodies are complicated and too hard to change, yet we don’t make the easiest changes imaginable because “why bother, it won’t make a difference”, “that looks bad in my bedroom”, “I’m not camping!”, “there’s no need for this”, add in any excuse, whatever you want.

Let’s face it, our lives are getting more sedentary and it’s crucial to find ways in which our bodies will move well for as long as we are here… And not just ‘be functional’ in our sport. Being functional only in your sport is exactly what’s going to get you into trouble in the first place.

AND, if you are having a super busy week and can’t run or workout, you still get your squats in! OR, if you are sick, tired, can’t be bothered… you STILL get your squats in!

*          *          *

It’s all about making movement matter, all day/ everyday, daily positions we hold and skeletal alignment that make a significant impact on our health and performance.