Scenario of an elite runner

1990: Plantar fasciitis (4 months)
Prescribed orthotics.
1991: Shin splints
1993: Plantar fasciitis (16 months)
Different orthotics
1995: Severe back pain (2 months)
1996: Switched sports
[ankle sprains galore in between the years]
1999: Knee pain
2001: Running again
2001: Stress fracture
2002: Beginnings of hallux limitus
2003: Massive toe pain
Prescibed different orthotics and a rigid foot pad.
2006: I have had enough!
I made the executive decision to start to mobilize and stabilize my feet.
It took me TWO years to have the strength and flexibility to do whatever it is I wanted with my feet. TWO YEARS. Two years to be able to walk barefoot without pain. And yes, it was worth every single solitary second. You know why??? Because EVERY single injury/pain that I had previously what DIRECTLY related to my feet. I know a LOT about the feet and how they can transform your entire body!!!!! I am not saying you have to get rid of your orthotics. I am saying you need to take care of your feet to take care of your ankles, knees, hips, low back and everything really.
You might say to yourself, I have nothing wrong with my feet why should I go. Trust me, your feet aren’t perfect because you are actually reading this post. AND the last place on your body you want to hurt is your feet. They affect every single cell uptown… meaning your entire body! OMGoodness you might say. Yes, it is OMGoodness.