Restorative Exercise™

Katy Bowman, Biomechanist and Director of Restorative Exercise™, has revolutionized the way the health and fitness industry views biomechanics and movement, presenting information in an easy and accessible format for everyone to use and understand.

What is Restorative Exercise™(RE)?

RE™ is a holistic and scientific way of thinking, positioning and moving in proper skeletal alignment throughout the day everyday, in order to get your body back to health. Humans are brilliant machines, when used properly, and can carry out amazing feats.

What can RE™ do for you?

As an athlete your main goal is to perform, not to sustain health. Yes, your training sessions have nothing to do with health, because the reality is about: “Am I getting better?”. Every time you train, play, compete you are going through the same motions of overuse (consistent in your sport garnering repetitive injuries) and underuse (avoiding overall muscle utilization) in order to perform. The athlete’s physiological model of performance revolves around specificity, progressive overload, reversibility, duration, intensity, and recovery. Nowhere in this model does it establish proper skeletal alignment or overall body movement, which are the key principles to restoring the body to its natural, optimal state. 

Restorative Exercise™ gets you back to basics, learning how to take care of your body as an entire unit. It’s about biomechanics, physics and structural engineering of soft tissue, alignment, moving well and eradicating diseases of behaviour (i.e. osteoarthritis, muscular imbalances, and joint surgeries that athletes experience).

Participating in any sport requires repetitive movements, which can lead to repetitive injuries, especially if the athlete is: 1. Out of skeletal alignment, 2. Overtrained, and 3. Undermoved~ lack of whole body movement.

Join me and the Restorative Exercise™ Movement bringing our bodies back to optimal human function.