How to lengthen your hamstrings [Written for Rowperfect UK]

There are many ways in which to lengthen your hamstrings; however, this SIMPLE position is one of the best! Whether you are at home, at the beach, at the park, or wherever, why not sit down with your legs straight!

Every time you sit with your knees bent you are actually shortening your hamstrings and your calves over time. How often do you sit with your knees bent throughout the day, everyday?

Take this QUIZ  [NOT retrospectively please! In real time with a watch throughout the day and record it]

Commute time to and from work:     _____minutes
Commute time for family outings:     _____minutes
Sitting at work:     _____minutes
Sitting to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, coffee, afterhours:_____minutes
Watching TV/movies:     _____minutes
Using the Internet or computer (not at work):     _____minutes
Other sitting time (i.e. toilet, shopping, hanging with friends):_____minutes
Appointments (dentist, doctor, haircut, etc):     _____minutes

TOTAL TIME: _____hours _____ minutes


30 DAY CHALLENGE [Sitting with legs straight]

Sitting with your legs straight, quads relaxed, neutral pelvis (crotch and front of pelvis in line) and ribs down (ribs in line with pelvis)

Day 1-7: 5 minutes/day

Day 8-14: 10 minutes/day

Day 16-21: 15 minutes/day

Day 22-30: 20 minutes/day

IMPORTANT: You do NOT have to do all the minutes at one time! For example: 5 minutes/day can be split up into 5 x 1 minute throughout the day. Be good to yourself! Do NOT start on the floor. Most of you will because you are competitive BUT your physiology will say otherwise. Don’t go past your own body’s limits= it will achieve absolutely nothing.

After the 30 days, if you are feeling more at home on the floor consider having your meals down there… a few times a week 🙂