Heart Rate Training Part III


Once you establish your heart rate and training zones you think “Perfect!” I can finally exercise properly. You run, cycle, do the elliptical, spin, crossfit, swim and everything else in between. You soon realize your HR fluctuates like crazy and sometimes you can’t even get in those zones. ARGH!

Well, heart rates are specific to the activity you are doing. YES, your HR is different in running, cycling, swimming, elliptical, etc. What do I mean exactly? Let’s say you are a runner (or running is your priority in training right now). You need to run to find your HRmax and your HR training zones. You use these HR training zones to do your running workouts, not any other workouts. On your off days and/or easy days, where you may not even run, then ditch the HR monitor- just go slow!

HOWEVER, if you have A type personality keep the HR monitor on and make sure you keep your HR down because it can creep up really fast! This is especially true if you are with a group of friends who like competing with each other on the off days, or you are cycling to work as additional light training and you HAVE to pass that dude who just pissed you off. Remember HR is specific, you can’t cookie cut it to other activities. Happy training 🙂


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