Your first step to recovery

I talk about the feet a lot! And, for good reason 🙂 The feet are the furthest away from your brain (central nervous system) and your heart (circulatory system). If you are not getting information, efficiently and effectively, to and from the feet, your entire body will be compromised.

For example, as athletes we use our feet constantly in sport. It doesn’t matter whether you wear shoes or not [swimmer or runner, basketball player or Indie car racer, kayaker or bobsledder] I promise you, your feet are used and abused. Ninety-nine percent of athletes do not provide enough recovery movements, exercises, and/or mobility to their feet.

A simple test to tell if you are truly taking care of your feet is this: Interlace your fingers in between your toes. Try to go to the bottom of the toes and fingers (knuckles touching as an analogy).


1. Can you do it?
2. How easy was it for you?
3. Based on your answer to 1 and 2 how much tension does your foot hold? Why would your foot need to hold onto any tension in the first place? How tense are your hands? Can you move each finger without any issue? Why is that not the same with your toes?


You are more than welcome to roll out your feet, stretch your feet, move your feet, go barefoot, get a massage! Your feet are just as important [in fact I would prioritize them] as any other part of the body. Give ’em some love.