Contract your hip flexors in order to relax them

I always recommend a movement routine before you run~ It doesn’t matter if it’s your off-day run, track session, x-country workout, fartlek, or weight training= do a quick movement routine first!

You can incorporate many movements into a 5 to 10 minute routine (changing it up every month or so).

One of the many issues runners face is “hip flexor” problems. With too much sitting all day long [eating meals, school/work, meetings, transport, tv, reading, computer use] it can cause havoc with the hip flexors. They can “feel” tight for many reasons.

But, WHY?

You never go through a FULL range of motion with your hip flexors throughout the day, neither passively nor actively {this is unhealthy for any muscle not to be fully used on a regular basis}. If you can use your hip flexors (actually engage the muscles) this will help with the relaxation process too!

In the video is one exercise to consider. You certainly don’t have to do this one because there’s a myriad of others. I’m just suggesting moving several of your “running” muscles before you actually start running.

*Don’t overdo the exercise. If you’ve never done it, start with 2X4-5 reps. Everything involves adaptation.