Are you a Professional Sitter?

Let’s put your sitting into perspective.

If you work 5 days a week and roughly 40 weeks/year (vacation, illness & personal days taken into account)

Here is a conservative estimate:

Sitting at meals (1 hour/day)

Sitting on the job (7 hours/day)

Transport to and from work (1 hour/day)

Watching television, relaxing, reading at night before bed (1 hour/day)

This totals 10 hours/day. I am not including the weekends either!

40 (weeks) X 5 (days/week) X 10 (hours/day)= 2000 hours/year

Congratulations!!!! Your “sitting” training is even far beyond that of any professional athlete!!!

Athlete training schedule:

800 to 1200 hours/year: Professional athletes

600-800 hours/yr: Top age grouper (nationally/internationally)

500 to 600 hours/yr: Intermediate athlete

300 to 500 hours/yr: Beginner athlete

200 to 300 hours/yr: Novice athlete

~ taken from Ed McNeely, Top Canadian Exercise Physiologist

A lot of Exercise Science research and books state that roughly 10,000 hours is required to be at the top of your game. This can take an athlete about 10 years or longer to be ranked among the best of the best. Imagine, if you have a sitting job, it will only take you HALF the time! WOW! Yet, this is not information or training of pride. It is your heath that will exponentially decrease as time rolls on 🙁

Sitting more than 6 hours/day will increase your chances of dying by 40% compared to someone who sits <3 hours/day *

Where do you rank as a Sitter? 

I understand (yes and no) if you have a job where sitting is required.

All I am asking is you get up more or get a standing desk 🙂

If you are a driver how about shaking your butt on the seat, do core exercises, wiggle and jiggle!

Keep those muscles alive and well. Let’s all get in the game of Making Movement Matter.


* KatzmarzykPT, Lee I-M. Sedentary behaviourand life expectancy in the USA: a cause-deleted life table analysis. BMJ open. 2012;2(4).

The Underwear Study: Exercise versus Movement

Dr. James Levine (Esteemed Researcher at the Mayo Clinic) performed a study among men and women using underwear with sensors. The sensors on the underwear charted the participants movements 20 times a second for EVERY second throughout the day, recording various physiological health markers as well as calories burned. Unequivocally, it was concluded that your daily movements were far more important and superior to your overall health, wellbeing and weight loss than going to the gym for one or two hours after sitting at work all day.


Daily workouts can’t undo damage done from sitting all day* ~Dr. James Levine

Movement WINS! Movement will always win.

When you sit too long you risk not only gaining weight but also overall health costs.

Here are just a few risk factors of sitting (from several studies).

1. Weigh gain, including obesity

2. Increased blood pressure

3. Abnormal cholesterol levels

4. Excess abdominal visceral fat

5. Elevated risk of cardiovascular disease

6. Cancer risk grows

7. Injury rates skyrocket

8. Psychological factors are also involved (e.g. anxiety, depression)

9. Risk of death from any cause increases by ~50%

The impact of movement is profound. Shockingly, we have needed researchers to tell us that Making Movement-> Matters! It has come to this. In an era of technology and progress, and more specifically in first world countries (i.e. you are reading this post), we have lost the true nature of being human- to move. We were born to MOVE.