Osteoarthritis in athletes

1. It is NOT genetic.

2. You’re at a higher risk if you’ve been injured around the joints.

3. Body weight (heavy) does not help.

4. Positions you hold on a daily basis make a difference (aka too much sitting).

5. Your skeletal alignment is SO IMPORTANT. 

6. Positive heeled shoes are unhealthy.

If you have osteoarthritis in a certain area, the number 1 rule is:
” DON’T STOP MOVING in that area!!! The longer you stay in a FIXED position (i.e. orthotics, braces, plates) , the worse that area will become.

For example: In big toe osteoarthritis, if you limit your foot and toe movements (fix your toe in place and wear orthotics) then your whole body movement and whole body alignment will get WORSE. Your gait will get worse and everything uptown will get worse (knees, hips, back, shoulders, etc).

PLEASE be mindful of whole body!!!