Basic approach to recovery from a crossfit competition

1.Recovery starts before the event

Your stress levels, food intake, movements, sleep patterns before the comp day all matter. So, if you eat like poo, stress out like a banshee, workout crazy hard, and get little sleep your recovery after the event won’t be as easy flowing…. OBVIOUSLY.

2. Eat and drink before your first WOD

Yes, even if you feel like puking your guts out because it’s your first crossfit competition or you never eat/drink before going to your Box, an actual crossfit competition is completely different. There is always more than one WOD. And inevitably there are 4 to 6 WODS. If you don’t have enough energy (nutrients) in your system it will take a crap load longer for your body to recover. Now, I’m not telling you to have the “Farmer’s Breakfast” meaning everything but the sink…  just have something in the belly a while before your first WOD.

3. Moving in between WODs

I love watching people sit down and do nothing between WODS [this is a joke]. You need to move your body so it can heal (recover) as quick as possible. And I’m not just talking about for the next WOD, I’m talking about for the next several days. What you do RIGHT AFTER you tear the shit out of your muscles directly relates to how quickly your body recovers throughout the comp day and for the next several days. Whether moving means stretching, mobilizing, lengthening, rolling, crawling, rocking…. WhAtEvEr. Just move to recover.

4. Eating between WODs

Some people eat wayyyy toooo much. WODs are short. We aren’t in the Ironman here folks. Eat foods that are easily digestible and comfortable for the tummy…. but not a lot. You just don’t need it.

5. As the day progresses

People get tired. Tired. Just Tired. People want to go home. Keep moving. Just keep moving. And after the last WOD people just want to get the f** out. If you want more of a movement activity that’s not crazy but helpful for your body and helpful to the organizers, help clean the place up that you personally messed up. Yes, walking around and doing a little garbage collection or equipment moving. Go for it. Soooooo many people do not properly cool down after WODs, in between WODs, and at the end of the day. This does not help your recovery.

6. Your technique

As your technique gets shittier throughout a particular WOD and throughout the day your recovery time will increase. Yes, if your body is not in the correct position (bones, muscles, connective tissues) then you are messing it up just that little extra. Sooo it takes longer to recover. Be good to your body, hence, technique, as much as possible so as to not take FoReVeR to recover.

7. Smile

Have fun. There’s no point in stressing yourself out on competition day. It will impede your recovery. If you get pissed off because you can’t get your C2B or double unders or whatever…. have a GOOD laugh at yourself. You know why?! We have all been there. And we don’t need ANGRY people getting others stressed for no reason. Have fun for you and for the sake of everyone else.